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Sings Your Boyfriend or Husband is Too Controlling
Is your guy too controlling? An abusive boyfriend or husband will seek to control you. These are some warning signs.
  • You're afraid of him or what he'd do
    If you ever find yourself feeling afraid of what your boyfriend or husband might do, worried about what you have to tell him -- that's a huge warning sign. A healthy relationship shouldn't have fear. If you find yourself fearing for your safety, or changing your behavior to avoid a blowup, it may be time to leave.
  • He Isolates you From Friends & Family
    An abusive man will try to isolate you from others. He may say he doesn't like your friends, he doesn't want you hanging out with them, or he may find ways to keep you apart from your family. An abuser does this so that you will have little support, and so that you will have to spend all of your time around him. In a healthy relationship, you will have time with your partner, and time with friends and family.
  • He needs to make all the decisions
    If he seems to always make all the decisions-- or get angry at you for making small decisions-- that's a bad sign. A bad boyfriend may go as far as controlling even small decisions in your relationship, such as what to have for dinner, what you watch on tv, etc.
  • He criticizes your looks or clothing
    Does he constantly criticize what you're wearing? Has he ever insisted you change before you go out? Does he try to control what you wear? Does he make comments about your body that make you feel bad? All are signs of an overly controlling boyfriend.
  • Controls your finances
    Someone who is controlling may attempt to control you by making you always have to ask for money if you need to do something. If you have to always ask him for money for every little thing, he may be too controlling.
  • Checks your phone and email
    A controlling guy may question you about who calls, check your phone records and ask about any numbers he doesn't recognize, he may insist on reading your emails or taking other measures to control who you talk to.
  • Needs to know where you are, all the time
    A good boyfriend will of course want to know you're safe. But a controlling one will want to know everywhere you've been, who was there, why you were out so late-- to the point where you feel guilty or stressed just going out.

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