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10 Good Reasons To Break Up with your Boyfriend / Girlfriend

  • Abuse
    There is no reason to stay in a relationship that is physically or emotionally abusive. Someone who loves you will not abuse you.
  • Lack of Trust
    A relationship needs trust to survive. You need to be able to trust your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Infidelity
    If someone cheats on you, that is a very good reason to break up. Someone who cannot be trusted will be difficult to have a stable relationship with.
  • No Future Together
    If you are too different and want different things from life, having a long-term relationship can be impossible. If one of you wants marriage and the other doesn't, you have different goals in life, or you just aren't on the same page, it may be a reason to break up. Talk with your partner to find out how they feel and if they're wanting the same things from life as you.
  • Lack of Time Together
    If your partner seems to have no time for your these days, or you are both simply too busy to spend time together, it may damage your relationship. If your partner chooses to spend all their time with other people to the point of neglecting you, it's a sign you might think about breaking up.
  • Harmful Addictions & Habits
    Addictions-- whether it is to drugs, alcohol, porn, video games, gambling, or anything else-- are harmful to all aspects of life, especially a relationship. If you cannot help your partner defeat their addiction, or they don't care about how it is causing the relationship to suffer, it may be time to break up. See Signs your Boyfriend is Addicted to Video Games.
  • Loss of Interest
    When you were dating, you couldn't get enough of each other. But now that things have cooled down, instead of falling more in love, you're losing interest. If you feel like you no longer care about each other, want to spend time together, or you're no longer intimate, it may just be that after the initial "honeymoon" stage wore off, once the hormones were gone there was no love there. Love naturally goes through an "infatuation" phase, and then in the 3rd stage of love, emotional attachment will either grow stronger, or interest will fade.
  • Lack of Appreciation and Consideration
    If you don't appreciate each other and consider each other's feelings, it will be difficult for love to grow. If you feel your partner takes you for granted or doesn't appreciate you, you may consider breaking up.
  • Lack of Emotional Intimacy
    If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't listen to you or doesn't want to share their feelings, then they aren't being emotionally intimate. Communication is very important, and if you can't talk to your partner then it will be difficult to have a happy long-term relationship. Communication is one of the top qualities of happy couples.
  • Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is a Loser
    That may be a broad term, but if you feel they really aren't trying, or that they are a loser... that is a good reason to break up. See the 15 Signs a Guy is a Loser (works for girls, too!).


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