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Play "Dirty Thoughts" game for couples
by Gloria Liven
My boyfriend and I bought the game "Dirty Minds" and it was fun, but fairly easy to guess the answers. So later, one night we were sitting around joking, and we started making up our own "dirty thoughts" game for couples.

How To Play:

  1. Take turns thinking of something that sounds dirty when you describe it, but it isn't.
  2. Say your 'dirty' description to the other person, and they try to guess what you're thinking of!

Some examples:

I'm dirty and get wet when you use me
Answer: A Sponge

When you turn me on, things really heat up
Answer: A heater

I'm made of plastic and I vibrate
Answer: A cell phone

The more you pump me, the bigger and harder I get
Answer: A tire

This is a fun word game for couples to play, and you can come up with literally thousands of "dirty" descriptions for everyday things!

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