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Women: How to be Sexy & More Attractive Tips
by Gloria Liven
We've also got an article for men-- how to be more sexy.
  • Feel Sexy
    It's true that a big part of being attractive is your attitude. Being confident, positive, and just feeling sexy will make you project that to the others around you.
    Tell yoursef you're sexy, be confident, and have fun.
    Wear something that makes you feel sexy; cute shoes, a nice piece necklace, a soft, low-cut top.

  • Use makeup wisely
    Looking like a clown is not sexy. Enhancing your natural beauty is.
    Learn to use makeup that complements your face.
    Remember-- emphasize your eyes, OR your lips, not both!
  • Don't overdo the perfume
    If you make men gag, that's not sexy. A light subtle scent that can only be smelled when they're right up next to you is best. Read the article on How to Smell Attractive.

  • Casual touch when talking
    Some men find it sexy to be touched. Touch them when talking, on the shoulder is a "safe" area.
  • Good Posture
    Don't slouch; if you're wearing shoes that make walking uncomfortable, get new ones. Being comfy can help you have good posture.
  • Soft, clear sexy skin
    Exfoliate once a week, and after you shower, apply a bit of nice-smelling skin lotion. If you've got oily skin you might want to avoid this.
    If you've got problems with acne, consider changing your diet and makeup/lotions. Less on your skin can help it air out. Also, look int acne creams; birth control pills are also good for your skin.
  • Wear Sexy Underwear
    You may be the only one who knows, but a nice pair of comfortable, sexy underwear will make you feel sexy all day.
  • Practice Flirting
    Complement him, flirt with him, say his name... See the Top 10 Flirting Tips, or read about how to Practice Flirting.
  • Get in Shape
    This can be as simple as a walk every day, or going dancing, swimming, riding a bike, or something else fun, like a class; or excercising in the privacy of your home. Whatever you do, do it a little every day and make it into a habit.

    You don't have to look like a model to be sexy. In fact, men find curvy women more attractive; but getting a little more toned can make you feel better about yourself, and to be sexy, attitude is important!
  • Don't wear clothing that is too tight.
    Learn how to dress to flatter your body style.
    Look in a full-length mirror. See if anything bulges. Get opinions for friends/family. Go for a stylish, not a slutty, look.

    And remember, more is always better than less. Too many women-- even thin, beautiful women-- wear clothes that are too tight which ends up pinching or they bulge out, making them look bad. You want your clothes to enhance your good points, not try to cram your body into a shape that it isn't.
  • Dress Approachably
    Dress cute; a cute, casual outfit is more approachable than a sexy, formal one.
    Black can be slimming, but lighter colors look more fun.
    Try dressing in soft, touchable fabrics; they'll make you feel sexy!

    Be comfortable -- if you're getting pinched by clothes and in shoes that hurt, you'll project that.
  • Don't try to attract the creeps/jerks
    If you dress and act only to show off your body, don't act surprised if men treat you like an object. You'll attract the type of man that's attracted to that, which are generally creeps or losers. Instead, act confidently, be interesting, and never put up with being treated poorly! If he doesn't act like a gentleman, don't talk to him. It's a good idea for you to learn the 15 Signs of a Loser Guy, so you don't end up with one!
  • Positive Attitude - Act Approachably
    Smile, be upbeat. A positive attitude can go a long way and is very attractive. Being a dark cloud will not make anyone want to be around you. Being a fun, interseting person will.
  • Be A Good Conversationalist
    Read our tips for conversation. Be interested in them, listen actively, ask good questions. If you have a good vocabulary and are good social skills and are fun, people will want to be around you and talk to you!
  • Never turn guys down cruelly
    Not only will they think you're a bitch, so will everyone else who sees or hears about what you did. There's never a reason to be rude. If a guys gets up enough confidence to ask you out, be kind if you decline.
  • You Attract What You Are
    Remember that; if you act and dress maturely, have fun, and are confident, that's the kind of guy you'll attract! To get a good catch-- be a good catch!

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