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Does He Like Me?
How to tell if a guy likes you!
by Gloria Liven

So there's this cute guy you have your eye on; He seems nice-- but does he like you? Here are some telltale signs that he likes you!

Most people won't be direct and say, "I like you". Instead, they'll use subtle signs or their behavior to tell you!

- He's around a lot
Does he seem to pop up when you're around? Do you see him passing in the hall, or does he hang out where you hang out? When you invite him to go someplace with friends, does he accept? Does he invite you to go places with friends? Do you catch him hanging around or looking at you? These are all signs a guy likes you!

This is the BIGGEST sign a guy likes you! If someone likes you, they want to be around you and will find ways to be around you; If they don't, they will avoid you!

- He goes out of his way to talk to you
Does he spot you across a room and come over just to say "Hi, how are you doing?"
If he goes out of his way to talk to you a lot, even if it's just simply saying "hi", then he probably likes you!

- He Seems Shy
Sometimes guys are just too shy around a girl they like to ask them out or say they like them; If he's shy or blushes around you, he might like you! Use these tips to get him to ask you out!

- He Teases You
Teasing and joking means they like you. People tease when they feel comfortable with another person; guys especially tease to try to be funny and make a girl laugh.

-He mentions places he's going, or invites you to group events
"I'm going to a concert this weekend" or "I'm not doing much fun this weekend"-- those could be hints he wants you to come too!

And if he invites you to group events, that's a great sign! He may be working up to asking you on a date, but at least he wants you around!

- He seems interested in the things you do
If he seems interested in what you're doing, or asks questions and seems to be really listening to every word, he's probably in to you!

- He Smiles when he sees you
If he smiles at you a lot, he's sending you a positive message!

- He is polite and respectful around you
Guys like to impress girls and help them; Does he hold the door open for you? Ask how you're feeling? Offer you gum? Does he look embarrassed or apologize if he swears around you? Then he's trying to be nice to you and show you he's considerate!

- He calls/texts/messages you
That means he's trying to keep up a conversation and keep in touch with you. If someone tries to keep in touch with you, they probably like you!

Well, if it seems like he likes you-- now what do you do? How about hang out with him and have fun! Go on a free date! Get him to ask you out, or invite him to go do something fun, just the two of you! If he likes you, he'll find a way to hang out with you.

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